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the rights of the child
educational resources
educational resources : legal
international governmental organisations
the rights of indigenous peoples
business and human rights
crime, public order and human rights
human rights implications of september 11
human rights charters, conventions and instruments
poverty and well being
regional organisations
universal human rights
united nations
united nations : treaty bodies
the rights of women
250 translations of the UDHR

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions
Australian Volunteers International
Australian Red Cross
World Vision Australia
UNICEF Australia
Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
ACTU:Work Site for Students
Australian Education Union
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Special Broadcast Service
Australian Council of Social Services
Federation of Ethnic Councils of Australia
National Council of Churches in Australia
Care Australia
Fred Hollows Foundation
International Women's Development Agency
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad
Refugee Council of Australia
Amnesty International Australia
A Just Australia
Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission
Reconciliation Australia
Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Islander Studies
Northern Land Council
Central Land Council
ABC Message Stick
Indigenous Law Centre
Journey of Healing
Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Wilderness Society
Friends of the Earth
GreenPeace Australia
Union Aid Abroad
United Nations Association of Australia
United Nations Youth Association
Victorian Survivors of Torture
Australasian Legal Information Institute
Evatt Foundation
Edmund Rice Centre
Australian Lawyers for Human Rights
Australian Disability Information and Resource Centre
Australian Disability Information Network
Human Rights Council of Australia
Australian for Human Rights Education
National Union of Students - Australia

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biographical dictionary
aleksandr isayevich solzhenitsyn
aung san suu kyi
dalai lama tenzin gyatso
eleanor roosevelt
father javier giraldo
ken saro-wiwa
mahatma gandhi
martin luther king jr.
mother teresa
nelson mandela
rigoberta menchu
rosa parks
wei jingsheng

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the rights of the child
United Nations – Children's Rights Report
United Nations Report on the global situation of Youth
Save the Children
Plan International
Free a Child
War Child
International Campaign to Stop the use of Child Soldiers
Rugmark Foundation
The Right to Education Project
Children's Defense Fund
International Youth Parliament
Youth Development Network ( South Africa )
ECPAT International
Second World Congress against Sexual Exploitation of Children
UNICEF: Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation
StreetKids International
Railway Children International
Child Workers in Asia
Development & Education for Daughters and Communities
Casa Alianza ( Latin America)
Defense for Children International
International Youth Foundation
Global March against Child Labour
Child Labour
Human Rights Watch – Children's Rights
Amnesty International – Children's Rights
Derechos – Children's Rights
BBC Children's rights
One World Kids Channel
Free the Children
No War Zone
AJA Project
Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation
child rights information network (crin)
christina noble children's foundation
the state of the world's children 1998
unicef voices of youth home page
world declaration on the survival, protection and development of children
world summit for children in 1990
united nations children's fund (unicef)
world education
world learning

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United Nations Development Program
United Nations Sustainable Development
The World Bank' site on the Millennium Development goals
Ethical Globalisation Initiative
World Watch Institute
World Social Forum India 2004
Porto Alegre 2003 (WSF Brazil)
Focus on the Global South
Yale Centre for Study of Globalisation
International Development Research Centre, Canada
ELDIS (Development Information)
Worldbank - Globalisation, Growth and Poverty
IMF Globalisation. Threat or Opportunity
Global Policy Forum
UNCTAD/ UNDP – Globalisation
New Partnerships for Africa 's Development (NEPAD)
Centre for Social Development
Council for International Development ( New Zealand )
Social Policy Research Institute
Australian National University – Institutes ( Australia )
Make Trade Fair
Development Research by Oxfam, (NGO)
Our Planet Publication (UNEP)
ID21: Communicating Development Research
food and agriculture organization
global village project
international centre for human rights and democratic development
international monetary fund
organisation for economic cooperation and development
the world bank group
union of international associations
united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (unesco)
World Commission on social dimension of Globalisation
International Council on Social Welfare

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educational resources
UNICEF International Child Development Centre
BBC “ I have a right to”
BBC Education
The Global School House
UN Cyber School Bus
Taking it Global
Human Rights Education Associates
National Geographic Features
International Humanitarian Photo Gallery (UNHCR)
World Links for Development
Teaching for Change
Education International
New York Times Learning Network – Human Rights
Derechos Concise Guide to Human Rights on Internet
Interactive Fact Book
Nation Master
Webcams around the World
World Link TV
Television Trust for the Envrionment
Cross Cultural Love-stories
Global Virtual University
UNESCO : The New Courier
Culture of Peace News Network Cross Point
UN Foundation News Service
Project Syndicate
OneWorld Online
Yale Global Online
Brookings Institute
US Council on Foreign Relations
US Foreign Policy Association
MadMundo TV
Democracy Now
amnesty - udhr 50 caravan
australian human rights information centre
education network australia
k-12 africa guide
oneworld online education
project cape town
project diana human rights archive
the global schoolhouse
united nations cyberschoolbus
Open Democracy
The Learning Channel
BBC : Country Profiles
InterPress Service
All Africa
BBC Schools - Teacher Resources
John Hopkins University - Advanced International Studies
Conversations with History ( Berkeley University)
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educational resources : legal
Australian and International Law
Law for You ( Australia )
Rights International Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Universal Voices: Online Human Rights Internet Guide
Raoul Wallenberg Institute UN Human Rights Treaty System
Ludo Hennebel – ( Belgium University Database)
Berkely Human Rights Center
International Bar Association (Rule of Law)
Rights International (International Human Rights Law)
Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy
Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet
Project Diana – Yale Law School
Australian Human Rights Information Centre
European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights
Center for Study of Human Rights ( Columbia University )
Human Rights @ Columbia University
Centre for Human Rights and Humanitarian law
Centre for Human Rights ( South Africa )
Castan Centre for Human Rights Law
Asia-Pacific Centre for Human Rights and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict
Netherlands Institute for Human Rights
Institute for Comparative & International Law

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EarthTrends : Environmental Portal ( Columbia University ) Linkages
Environmental News Service
Envirolink Network
Alternative Farming Systems
The Stockholm Environment Institute
United Nations Framework on Climate Change
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Sierra Club
Australian Cooperative Centre for Renewable Energy
Endangered Species (Photogallery) friends of the earth
greenpeace international
world wildlife fund
united nations environment programme (unep)
rainforest action network kids corner
David Suzuki Foundation

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American Civil Liberties Union
Anti-slavery international
Free the Slaves
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Freedom House
Independent Media
Free Speech
The Media Channel
World Press Freedom
Article 19
International Federation of Journalists
Reporters without Borders
Committee to Protect Journalists
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
The Zimbabwe Independent
PEN America
Pen Canada
Global Reporting Network ( New York University ).
The PressWise Trust
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
International Freedom of Expression Exchange
The International Journalist Network service for journalists and media professionals.
amnesty international
amnesty international australia
amnesty international usa

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World Conference against Racism
UN High Commissioner of Human Rights' site for World Conference Against Racism
Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD)
The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
Resources on the campaign to free Dalits from Caste bondage.( India )
European Network Against Racism
The Institute on Race and Social Division at Boston University
International Human Rights Law Group
International Organisation for Migration
International Network: Education for Democracy, Human Rights and Tolerance
European network against nationalism/racism, in support of migrants & refugees
Minority Rights International
Racial Discrimination: Australia (HREOC)
Mental Disability Rights International

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National Endowment for Democracy
Elections around the World
Civicus – World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Center for Constitutional Rights
Inter-Parliamentary Union
International Policy Attitudes
Centre for Democratic Institutions
Global Witness
Participation Toolkit
The International Secretariat for Child Friendly Cities
A global alliance to improve the living conditions of the urban poor
The World Federation of United Cities
The International Union of Local Authorities
Metropolis is an international association of 80 global cities.
The United Nations Human Settlements Programme
International Ombudsman Institute
Pew Research Centre for the People and the Press (Opinion Research group)
Moving Ideas Network
Public Citizen

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international governmental organisations
European Court of Human Rights
International Criminal Court
International Criminal Tribunal / Former Yugoslavia
International Criminal Tribunate / Rwanda
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Inter-American Commission of Human Rights
african commission on human and peoples' rights
european court of justice
international court of justice
Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights

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the rights of indigenous peoples
American Truths
First Nations Native American Site
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Survival International
Native Web
Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation ( Australia )
Cultural Survival
United Nations: Indigenous People
afronet: links
indigenous peoples: links
native web community centre
united nations' decade of indigenous peoples
united nations: working group on indigenous populations
australia: aboriginal and torres strait islander commission
australia: hidden histories
australia: stolen children
australia: the yolngu
canada: the crees
new zealand: the maori
nigeria: the ogoni
thailand: the akha Land Rights for the Millennium
australia: royal commission into aboriginal deaths in custody
australia: mabo and wik case

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business and human rights
Standards adopted by the International Labour Organisation (Employment)
Draft Fundamental Human Rights Principles for Business Enterprises
Relationship between private companies and human rights
Standards adopted by the Organisation of American States
Standards adopted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Standards adopted by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
UN Global Compact

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crime, public order and human rights
International Centre for the Prevention of Crime
The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control ( Finland )
The International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice
The Institute for Security Studies in South Africa
United Nations: Crime prevention, criminal justice and criminal law reform

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human rights implications of september 11
The Lawyers' Committee on Human Rights' background on September 11
Amnesty International USA resources on the September 11 crisis
Fédération Internationale des Droits de l'Homme, human rights violations in “fight against terrorism”
Human Rights Watch on the aftermath of the September 11 attacks
Essays and reflections on the nature and implications of the September 11 events, hosted by the Social Science Research Council
University of Minnesota resource link to responses to September 11
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human rights charters, conventions and instruments
convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination
convention on the rights of the child
european convention on human rights - 1950
geneva conventions of 1949: brief
geneva conventions of 1949: treatment of prisoners of war
geneva conventions of 1949: protection of civilian persons in time of war
geneva conventions of 1949: wounded and sick in armed forces in the field
geneva conventions of 1949: wounded, sick and shipwrecked members of armed forces at sea
international covenant on civil and political rights
international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights
international humanitarian law
the declaration of independence - 1776
the declaration of the rights of man and of citizens - 1789
the english bill of rights - 1689
the magna carta - 1215
united nations draft declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples
united nations human rights instruments

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World Voices
Transparency International
Centre for Victims of Torture
World Organization against Torture
Stop Torture Campaign
Cambodian Genocide Program
Burma Project
Corporate Watch
L'observatoire des transnationals
US Criminal Justice
Survivors of the Shoah
Speak Truth to Power
Book not Bars
Human Rights Law Service reform of the justice sector in Nigeria
Sweat Shop Watch
Migrant Rights International
Institute of Social & Ethical Accountability ( UK )
Resources on Human Rights Watch's campaign on prison reform worldwide.
International Commission of Jurists
Soros Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute
Centre for Law and Global Justice
Penal Reform International works on improving penal and prison systems
UNDP's work on justice sector reform.
New Tactics for Human Rights
stories of the holocaust
court of justice of the european communities
desaparecidos - project disappeared
european court of human rights
human rights watch
international court of justice
international war tribunals
un procedures for reporting human rights violations
witnesses to nuremberg
china: nanjing massacre
amnesty international usa rwanda documentary
rwanda frontline: valentina's nightmare

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United Nations Peace and Governance Program
International Committee of the Red Cross
United Nations War-torn Societies Project
European Centre for Conflict Prevention
Search for Common Ground
M.K.G. Gandhi Institute
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Taking Aim at Small Arms
Desmond Tutu Peace Centre
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
No War Zone
Crimes of War Project
International Action on Small Arms
International Rescue Committee
International Crisis Group
INCORE – Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
Peace Brigades International
Vietnam Memorial Site
Landmine Action
International Campaign to Ban Land Mines
Human Rights Watch: War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity
Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Essex University – Armed Conflict
Woodrow Wilson Center for Conflict Prevention
Berghof Handbook for Conflict Prevention
Peace Training Centre ( Canada )
Dialogues with the Islamic World ( Germany )
BBC Islam & The West
Global Vision for Peace
Culture of Peace
UNESCO Peace Manifesto 2000
Institute for War & Peace ( PhotoGallery)
US Institute for Peace
Humanitarianism and War Project
International Institute for Humanitarian Law
Women Waging Peace
genocide and the holocaust
hiroshima live project
international committee of the red cross
international federation of red cross and red crescent societies
international peace bureau
international physicians for the prevention of nuclear war
medecins sans frontieres
nagasaki peace project
red cross - america
the city of hiroshima
the nonviolence web: a guide to the contemporary peace movement
voice of hibakusha
united nations high commissioner for refugees (unhcr)

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poverty and well being
Bacic Education Coalition
Relief Web
UN Aids
AIDS Education
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
First UN Decade for Eradication of Poverty
Debt Relief for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries
World Bank Poverty Reduction Strategy
Poverty Net
Grameen Bank / Poor Women's Bank ( Bangladesh )
Jubilee Research
Jubilee Research UK
20/20 Vision
Alertnet (Reuters Foundation)
Refugee Participation Network
Centre for Housing Rights and Evictions
Oxfam International
World Vision International
Caritas International
Medicins Sans Frontieres
Disaster Relief
Handicap International
International Rescue Committee
Refugees International
Water Aid
Better Safer World Campaign
Bread for the World
The Hunger Site
Cross Cultural Solutions
Fredom from Hunger
War on Want
Action without Borders
The Right Livelihood Award
International Famine Center
Emergency Nutrition Network
Harvard World Health News
bread for the world
care international
center of concern
community aid abroad (oxfam in australia)
jubilee 2000
world food programme
world vision international
world health organization

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regional organisations
organization of african unity
african national congress (anc)
inter-american court of human rights
organization of american states
australia: human rights & equal opportunity commission
australia: council for aboriginal reconciliation
egyptian organisation for human rights
european commission of human rights
european court of justice
international court of justice
african commission on human rights
australia: human rights & equal opportunity commission
new zealand: human rights commission

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universal human rights
Human Rights Watch
International Centre for Rights & Democracy
International Council on Human Rights
Human Rights First (Lawyers Committee for Human Rights)
Global Exchange
Speak Truth to Power
European Advocates Union
American Association for Advancement of Science
Institute for Global Communications
Human Rights Advocates
Scholars at Risk Network Andrei Sakharov
Ellie Wiesel
Physicians for Human Rights
Forefront Leaders
InterAction Council: “Universal Declaration of Individual Responsibilities”. Frontline Defenders
US State Department – Country Reports
Carter Centre
Carnegie Council – Human Rights
The Earth Institute at Columbia University
Robert.F.Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights
Acion Aid
Action without Borders
Social Science Research Council
Peoples Decade for Human Rights Education
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
International Helsinki Federation
Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
Asian Human Rights Commission
NGO Forum on Cambodia
Tibet Information Network
The International Campaign for Tibet
Australia Tibet Council
Free Burma
Burma Project
Canadian Human Rights Foundation
Danish Institute for Human Rights
Australian Human Rights Centre
Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
Pakistan Institute of Human Rights
african human rights resouce center
american civil liberties union
amnesty international: links
capital punishment
derechos human rights
environment and development ngos
human rights internet (hri)
institute for global communications
nobel peace prize recipients
sierra club
the nobel foundation
the nobel peace prize
the nobel prize internet archive
un human rights day
unhrc 50th anniversary
the witness programme
un's human rights committee
united nations high commissioner for human rights (unhchr)
united nations prizes in the field of human rights
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

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united nations
United Nations
UN System Index
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
Global Issues on UN Agenda
Basic Facts About UN/Charter/Members
Executive Office of the Secretary General
Office of Spokesperson for Secretary General
UN News Service
Peace and Security
International Law
Humanitarian Affairs
Human Rights
Economic and Social Development
UN Databases
Various UN Departments
Department of Peace Keeping Operations
Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development / Earth Summit
Department for Political Affairs (also Palestine )
Dag Hammarskjoid Library (also maps)
Statistics Division and Monthly Bulletin of Stats Online
UN Population Fund
Relief Web
UN Office for Project Services
UN Office at Geneva (also NGOs)
Economic Commission for Europe
UN Institute for Training and Research
UN Research Institute for Social Development
International Labour Organisation
UN Conference on Trade and Development
Office for Outer Space Affairs
UN International Drug Control Program
International Atomic Energy Agency
UN Environment Program
UN University
UN Employment
UN Volunteers
World Food Program
Economic Commission for Africa
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Economic Commission for Latin America
Food and Agricultural Organisation
International Fund for Agricultural Development
World Intellectual Property Organisation
World Meteorological Organisation
World Trade Organisation
Publications and Sales
UN Foundation News site
World Federation of United Nations Associations
UN Agency for Palestine Refugees
UN Transition Authority for East Timor
committee against torture
un committee on the elimination of racial discrimination
united nations charter
model form of communication for reporting human rights violations
procedure for communicating human rights problems
united nations children's fund (unicef)
united nations development programme
united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (unesco)
united nations environment programme (unep)
united nations human rights instruments
united nations high commissioner for refugees (unhcr)
world health organization
un's human rights committee
united nations high commissioner for human rights (unhchr)
united nations working group on indigenous populations
united nations division for the advancement of women
world health organisation
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united nations : treaty bodies
Human Rights Committee
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Committee against Torture
Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
Committee on the Rights of the Child

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the rights of women
End Violence Against Women
United Nations Development Fund for Women
WomenWatch: UN Working for Women
International Women's Tribune Centre
Womens Human Rights Net
UNDP Women's Human Rights
Women for Women International
Gender Equality (UNDP)
Center for Women's Global leadership
International Womens Rights Action Watch
Womens Human Rights Resources
Women and War
Girls Go Global
Global Fund for Women
International Women's Development Agency
Women's Gender Studies Resources
International Women's Media Foundation
Womankind Worldwide
united nations division for the advancement of women
equality now
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250 translations of the UDHR
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