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274 million people worldwide need emergency aid and protection in 2022
UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs, agencies 2021/12/8
Inequality is not inevitable, it is a political choice
World Inequality Report 2022 2021/12/8
Tell governments to stop blocking the WTO Waiver on monopolies of COVID-19 medical tools
ICJ, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), agencies 2021/11/26
45 million people at risk of famine require urgent intervention
World Food Programme (WFP), agencies 2021/11/26
A critical opportunity to ban killer robots – while we still can
Amnesty, Campaign to Stop Killer Robots 2021/11/8
We are still knocking on the door of future climate catastrophe
UN News, IPCC, UNEP, CAN, agencies 2021/11/8
Holding Multinational Corporations Accountable for Human Rights
International Commission of Jurists, agencies 2021/10/7
Countries bear cross-border responsibility for harmful impact of climate change
OHCHR, UN Child Rights Committee, agencies 2021/10/7
Losses to OECD tax havens could vaccinate global population three times over
ICRICT, Tax Justice Network, ICIJ, agencies 2021/10/5
Universal access to quality public services is the foundation of a fair and just society
ActionAid, Public Services International, GI-ESCR 2021/09/15
During 2020 there were over 2,400 attacks on education facilities, students and teachers
Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack 2021/09/15
Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2021/09/15
More than 82 million people forcibly displaced in 2020
UNHCR, NRC, IDMC, Red Cross, agencies 2021/09/15
811 million people go to bed hungry
WFP, FAO, UNICEF, Action Against Hunger, agencies 2021/06/21
No Respite: Violence Against Health Care in Conflict
Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition 2021/05/31

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