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Out of the Struggle hopes for Peace
by Arani Kuhanesan
Sri Lanka
Hello my name is Arani Kuhanesan and I am fourteen years old. Ever since I was in Primary School, I have had an interest for helping people in the future and for developing a ruined country which was once know as paradise. It is my aim to visit Sri Lanka and to help the children and the families who are in poverty and to support them in the future. Living in Brisbane I have realised that the people here do not appreciate goods and services like the way the people in third world countries do. So from today I have decided to support these people who are in more need than us now with all my love and support. I wish to go to a third world country in the future and support them with any thing they need. Next year I have decided to go and help the people in need and establish a better world for the children with education and food. Where ever I go, I will teach the children with my knowledge and help them develop a new knowledge inside them. I hope you understand that this is more of my goal than a story but I promise every one who is reading this that I will make a difference in the world.
Arani Kuhanesan. Queensland. Australia.

Submitted at 6:45pm 13th Nov, 2005
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