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The Future
by Canadian Students: Ben,Craig, Nathan, Natalie, Jamie..
Ben and Craig McCully: "I see a future with peace. People need to stop fighting for stupid things and they need to take all there time for fighting and move it into time for talking and making friends. We all need to work together to change the world one person cannot change the whole world, one person could barely change one community. So we should all work together".
Allen Colvin: "I see nothing in the future for mankind, I think by the time we have seen the mistakes we have made and the wrongs we have done, it will be to late to save us and the planet. If things keep going the way they are mankind will be extinct and we will also have destroyed our planet in the process".
Natalie Pelletier: "The future as I see it will not be any difefrent, it seems that the only real differences between the past and now is technology. It is true there is a lot of change in rights, racism, sexism, etc... but it is human nature that there will always be some form of these things. I would like to see a future where there is real freedom, peace, and rights that are followed by all. But, I don't believe that will happen".
Jamie Quayle: "I hope that our future is in peace and without any disturbance in happiness. But most likely it won't because with good there is bad and with peace there is war. We will need to be designing a way to live on mars".
Nathan Smith: "I want to see a future with "Peace and Love" NOT "War and Hate", a future with no borders or boundaries. No racial differences, where everyone, every-being is one, every race, every culture is one. The "human race" , the "human culture" where everyone is a part of it, no-one is different. Where the only wars that are fought are the war of love and how much more we shall love. Where everything is everyone's."The Good Old Days"

Submitted at 6:09am 25th Feb, 2004
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