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The Future Is Our Choice
by Adam Jones
aged 21
Monash University (I Guess)
It took me till the age of 20 before I even new that my lifestyle was far from sustainable. I am now embarrassed at how I managed to go through twenty years of my life with such a tight blindfold. Once the blindfold was unwrapped I instantly knew that I would never be able to see the world in the same way again. Once ignorance is traded for reality there is no tradebacks. The next step was to look to the future and see what what the future will bring, or what we (homosapiens) would bring that future, and then to predict the future based on a best and worst case scenario.
Unfortunately, the worst case scenario would appear to be the result of little, if any, changes to our current path. A person does not have to be an Einstien to be able to realise that the earths resources (such as the ability to produce food) are limited. Once this is accepted as being true, then the next thing to realise is that the number of humans that can be supported by the earth is also limited. From the acceptance of these two facts we then realise that the current lifestyles of the vast majority of the human population is no longer sustainable (as it may have been in the distant past).
It is these two factors, population growth and lifestyle, that I percieve will determine the future as I see it... and I am sure you agree.
I have chosen the environmental crisis as a primary example. I believe that environmental problems are too severe and environmental systems are far too complex to be resolved by shallow scientific and technical measures. The environmental crisis requires deep changes in our ethical system. It is not only an obstacle to our affluence and other technical aspirations, but a signal that our technical aspirations and interest in affluence are misguided.
I urge everybody who cares about the future, whether it be for yourself or for your future kids, to work towards a better future.
The choices we make now determine the future that lies ahead. If we can follow the rules of life, both collectively and as individuals, then the the future that lies ahead is one of beauty. If we contine going in the current direction... who knows !
With love,

Submitted at 10:54pm 28th Oct, 1999
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