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International Youth Parliament 2000
Oxfam - Community Aid Abroad Australia
Net Aid International
The Ignored People
Abubakr Almakki The Middle East
The Future
Canadian Students: Ben,Craig, Nathan, Natalie, Jamie.. Canada
The Paths of Our Future
Kate Gavens Australia 16
Protesters Rights to Food and Water
Alex Holzinger Minneapolis. USA 15
Jane Canada
The Future Is Our Choice
Adam Jones Australia 21
Wlada Yadjah Kassabian Australia
Strength And Courage
Chloe Kindred Australia 14
Out of the Struggle hopes for Peace
Arani Kuhanesan Sri Lanka
The Displaced People Of Cacarica
Nacho Martin Spain 30
Global March against Child Labour
Timothy James Noonan Belgium 39
60 Million Signatures For Peace
Sebastien Petiot France
UDHR University Summit
Year 11 Students Australia

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