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6th December, 2003.
A newspaper journalist has won Indonesia's prestigious Yap Thiam Hien human rights award for her work in promoting human rights in the country, a rights activist said on Saturday.
Maria Hartiningsih, a senior journalist for the prominent Kompas daily newspaper, won the award on Friday for her "long standing dedication to human rights through her articles," said Asmara Nababan of the Centre for Human Rights Studies.
The Centre is a non-governmental human rights organisation founded by the late ethnic-Chinese human rights lawyer Yap Thiam Hien.
Ms Hartiningsih, known for her articles on women and child labour rights, is the first journalist to have won the award since its first inauguration in 1992.
Nababan, one of the judges in the selection committee, said Ms Hartiningsih won the award because "human rights can be advocated not only by people in the field but also through articles".
Past winners of the award were mostly human rights activists and workers, including Munir, the founder of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence and slain labour activist Marsinah.
by Asmara Nababan

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