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Rediscovering Our Place in Nature
As we count down to the new millennium, people around the world are anticipating change,hoping for a new beginning.But as we approach the end of the century, ecological destruction increases on a global scale, compromising the future for all the coming generations. That is our true challenge today - not debts and deficits or global competition, but the need to find a way to live rich, fulfilling lives without destroying the planets biosphere, the web of nature that contains and supports all life. Humanity has never before faced such a threat:- the collapse of the very elements that keep us alive. As we struggle to find a new vision and concrete strategies for achieving it, we have to pass beyond rancour, confrontation and divisiveness. We have to recognize our inescapably biological nature and establish that our real bottom line is rooted in the Earth and its life-support systems. By acknowledging and respecting the balance of these elements of the Earth, we can construct a way of life that is ecologically sustainable, fulfilling and just.
David Suzuki : From The Sacred Balance
The David Suzuki Foundation strives to find solutions in science and society, so we might all rediscover our place in nature. - The world is well-served by dedicated environmental organizations that target specific ecological problems.Our goal is not to duplicate this important work, but to step back,to study the underlying structures and systems which cause environmental crises and then work to bring about fundamental change.We do that in four ways.Research:-The David Suzuki Foundation seeks out and commissions the best, most up-to-date research to help reveal ways we can live in balance with nature. We support the implementation of ecologically sustainable models - from local projects, such as habitat restoration, to international initiatives, such as better frameworks for economic decisions.We work to ensure the solutions developed through research and application to reach the widest possible audience, and help mobilize broadly supported change.We urge decision makers to adopt policies which encourage and guide individuals and businesses, so their daily decisions reflect the need to act within natures constraints.
Dr. David Suzuki offered the following perspectives on Earth Day April 22,1999.
- Today the world celebrates the last Earth Day of the millennium. In the 30 years since this celebrations inception, there have been many environmental victories, but sadly, even more defeats. About 130 species go extinct every single day, a scale not seen since the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Our forests are disappearing at the rate of 15 million hectares every year. Our air, water and soils continue to be used as dumping grounds for pollutants, threatening the health of people and other species the world over. Climate change continues unchecked, threatening to greatly exacerbate these problems, as well as cause more frequent severe weather events and raise sea levels. Canadian governments continue to ignore pressing environmental issues, and protect outdated, polluting industries such as coal and other fossil fuels. However, there is cause for hope. In fact, in some areas there have been great achievements. During the past six months, I have visited every major city in Canada, spoken to thousands of people and interviewed dozens of scientists and researchers, even business leaders. Everywhere I go, I hear the same messages.Ttoday there is an almost intuitive understanding of our connections with the natural world. People now know that the health and well-being of humanity depends on the health of our planet. There is a powerful appetite for solutions to the global environmental problems that continue to plague the Earth. Some business leaders have realized the economic opportunities in clean, green industries and are investing in these areas.
Although we have a long way to go, the recent emergence of environmental awareness in the public and some corporations shows that fundamental change is possible. For our own health,and that of our home, governments must now catch up to citizens and leading businesses and act on environmental concerns.
by David Suzuki Foundation

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