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In 1999 Jane Tewson received a CBE from the Queen of England for her charity work with Charity Projects (Red Nose Day UK). Her acceptance statement went like this: "Itís odd for me to receive this honour as I never see myself as anything special. Iím just lucky to be in touch with crucial issues and to work with exceptional and inspiring people who actually tackle and experience those issues on the ground. Itís their work thatís being honoured here. And there is still so much to be done, which is why Pilotlight, our new organisation, exists. We want people to get rid of the limits about what they think is possible in our communities - to dream again about what future they want and how they can help make it happen. Rather than making judgements about each other, we want people to listen and talk to each other and look for new ways to tackle old problems. So weíll be busy for quite some time!"
by Jo Lane

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